Back to the Real World

Well, my week at Stonecoast Writers’ Conference has ended and I have to go back to work tomorrow. I briefly toyed with the idea of quitting my job and ensconcing myself in the upstairs den to do nothing more than read, write and e-mail all of the new friends I’ve made as I contemplate Very Important Thoughts. However, as I’m pretty sure my mortgage company would not be supportive of this decision, I instead resigned myself to the fact I must rejoin the real world. That said, I’ve made a brief list of resolutions to take with me as I transition from Stonecoast to Corporate America.
1. Write a little bit every day
2. Read a little bit every day
3. Read something I might not ordinarily gravitate toward
4. Keep in touch with the wonderful people I met this week. Ask for and offer support and encouragement.
5. Take advantage of the cultural opportunities around me – especially through attending more readings by new and established authors.

Now I have a challenge for the people reading this blog. (All eight of you…) Run, do not walk, to Borders, Amazon or (even better) your local independent bookstore and pick up books by the following people:
• Peter Behrens
• Major Jackson
• Maria Flook
• Dianne Benedict
• Justin Tussing

They were the faculty of Stonecoast and their brilliance and willingness to share their joy of writing was a large part of what made this week so worthwhile.

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