Witty and Pithy

I think I’ve figured out why it takes me so long to post blog entries. 

I originally started this blog at the suggestion of a literary agent.   In giving me feedback about my novel, she also expressed the opinion that in order to be published I first needed to become “Google-worthy.”  I needed to have an internet following in order to be attractive to a publisher.  What went unstated was that I not only needed a blog… I needed a witty, pithy, entertaining blog that motivated people to flock to my website and link to it from other, more popular websites.

Now, that’s all fine in theory.  But in reality?  Being witty and pithy on a daily basis is really quite exhausting.   Besides my blog, I update Twitter and my Facebook status regularly which also require sounding clever and interesting in just a few sentences.  And that’s just the virtual world.  Believe it or not, I actually enjoy talking to real live human beings, too.  Shocking, I know.

That said, I’ve decided that I can pull off either (1) intermittent blog entries that are often entertaining or (2) regular blog entries that are often boring but may at times rise to the level of mildly amusing.  

I’ve decided to go for the latter. I love to write, and if I worry too much about editing silly little blog entries, I’ll never write anything.  But for now I have  to go.  The Tonys are on, and the combined allure of showtunes, awards shows and sequined costumes are calling to me.

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