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Laura Kilmartin – Author of “Next Year I’ll be Perfect” and contributor to “Write for the Fight: A Collection of Seasonal Essays”
  • Information about my first novel, Next Year I’ll be Perfect
  • How to order Write for the Fight: A Collection of Seasonal Essays, and in doing so, donate to Bright Pink
  • My blog where I share my view on movies, books, television, food and current events
  • Excerpts from actual Next Year I’ll be Perfect reader reviews
  • Contact Information and a Next Year I’ll be Perfect Media Kit

3 thoughts on “Site Information

  1. Hi Laura,

    Remember me? I was your travel agent at AAA a few years ago! I’m still an agent and now out on my own –

    FINALLY read your book – actually devoured it! Loved Sarah Bennett and her best friend. I think I need to write a list….my 54 year old self needs to focus on a new relationship…and to let go of some dead weight! HA!

    Contact me if you’re traveling – happy to help you again! 207-712-5699

  2. Hi Nancy! I’m so sorry for not responding sooner – my blog sent this comment into never-never land and I didn’t see that it was pending approval until I posted a blog yesterday and was approving some other comments. Congratulations on your new business – I would love to talk with you about vacations in the future and pass your information along to friends. You were so helpful! Thanks for the kind words about my book, too! Take care!

    1. Hi Laura,

      Thank YOU for your reply some 3 months ago…I guess we’re both having messages sent to never never land! HA! Please yes, let’s get in touch maybe even in person sometime! I work out of Peloton Labs – 795 Congress so I’m in town all the time.

      give a call or email – 207-712-5699

      All the best! ~ Nancy

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