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If this is your first time stopping by, you’ll find that I spend most of my time talking about writing, books, TV and movies.  I am a lawyer by day, writer by night and consumer of all things pop culture whenever possible. I love to travel, especially to Nantucket which is my happy place. My first novel, Next Year I’ll be Perfect, was published a few years ago and I am currently querying for an agent/publisher for my second novel, Closer to Fine.

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6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Just finished reading “Next year ill be perfect” and loved it! I, too, am a 29 year old attorney who loves the Gilmore Girls, ice cream, and am wondering how the hell I am a real grown up about to turn 30 next year! Was disappointed to see you don’t have anymore books for me to read. Please write more!

    1. Thank you so much Katherina! I’m working on my second book, so I hope to have something to report soon. It always strikes me as funny that people think you are automatically a responsible grown-up just because you’re an attorney. No, no, no. That just means you are responsible and able to manage OTHER people’s lives competently! It doesn’t mean you’re in any way ready to manage your own life, right? It makes me so happy to hear from people who liked my book and I really appreciate the comment. I’ll be posting information on the second book when I can. Take care!

  2. Hey Laura,

    Hope you had a great New Year and this finds you well. Hoping you get a chance to visit the country mice up in Belgrade soon. Take care and talk soon.

    1. Happy New Year Brian!! I love and miss my Belgrade country mice and would love to see you all soon! Anytime you make your way south you know there is an open door for you guys too. Take care and hope to see you guys very soon!

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