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Here are a few of the customer reviews received for Next Year I’ll be Perfect:

  • Maine Author Rules”

Bright, warm and engaging, NEXT YEAR I’LL BE PERFECT shows off author Kilmartin’s talent for making it all look effortless. I loved and believed in Sarah and her acquaintances and friends, and having the story set in my own town of Portland, Maine was an added enjoyment.  – Daniel Spanton, Author of “Waiting for Natalie”

  • Such a Fun Read!!”

This is such a fun and satisfying read!! Sarah Bennett decides on her 29th birthday to try and achieve her best “perfect” self by following (and occasionally tweaking) a list of life goals she wrote for herself at the age of 25.

Of course, things don’t go quite as planned for Sarah… As we accompany Sarah on her journey to “perfection” we experience humor, tenderness and bittersweet moments- not to mention lots of great pop culture references!

The supporting characters are all engaging and relatable and Sarah is a character I found myself rooting for throughout the book. Highly recommended!

  • Fabulously fun!

I loved this novel. It was great following Sarah month by month as she was pursuing what she thought perfection looked like. I found myself relating so easily to the characters, the relationships, the places she had been and the situations she found herself in. I didn’t want it to end and I can’t wait for your next novel Laura. I am you number 1 fan! Great job…

  • “Exceptionally Witty!”

A true page turner that I could not put down! Most women will be able to relate to Sarah and her journey towards what she perceives as perfection. A wonderful portrayal of a 20 something and the fun, along with the heartache she encounters along the way. If you are a child of the 80′s, it will bring you back to your childhood with its numerous and very funny references to different tv shows, sitcoms, movies and music. A true, light and easy read that you won’t want to end. Quite sassy and very well written, Laura. I loved it!

  • “We are all Sarah Bennett”

 So much fun to read, and the author creates an instant connection for you with the protagonist by immediately drawing you into her whimsy and folly.

We all have very specific and sometimes crazy ideals for ourselves, at any age. Sooner or later, we let some ideals go…but not without a fight, if we’re anything like Sarah Bennett.

Each and every silly mistake, each poor choice of words, and every unfortunately timed attempt at finding her happiness is something we can all relate to. But the author doesn’t go too far into slapstick, so you can still identify and sympathize with Sarah’s desires and actions.

The story of Sarah Bennett shouldn’t end. We need to see more!

  • “Real People Living Real Lives – Sorta!”

A few weeks ago, I decided to go on yet another diet, and proceeded to spend the day throwing out everything in my kitchen except silverware and dishes. That evening, I plopped into bed, grabbed my new book, “Next Year I’ll Be Perfect,” and dived in. And there in the chapter identified as October are the words, ” . . . I went on a rampage and rid my refrigerator and cupboards of all dangerous snacks. Everyone thought those Keebler Elves were delightful little woodland creatures, but I knew they were secretly evil harbingers of diet doom.” I was totally hooked. A book about real people! A funny, clever, true, sad, sweet book about real people. Loved it! With the snappy dialogue reminiscent of The Gilmore Girls, references to all things pop culture, including Barry Manilow. The ending is real, not contrived, the characters are real, not caricatures.

  • Perfectly Fun!”

I loved reading this book; And laughed out loud along the way.

The heroine, Sarah, is reminded on her 29th birthday that her younger self has written a list of goals that she plans on achieving by the time she is thirty. This list sets her on a quest for her younger self’s version of perfection. Sarah’s tenacity, humor, and charm made her a character that I fell in love with. Her journey reminds us that we all have our own vision of perfection, and how perverse these ideals can be.

This books is humorous, witty, and easy to read….Bring on the sequel!

  • “Great Entertainment!!

Next Year I’ll be Perfect is a extremely well written, fun read. The characters are true to life and the storyline is very believable and engaging. You’ll enjoy every minute of reading this book and you’ll finish it with a smile on your face. Read it!!

  • Incredible read could not put it down!

I just finished Laura Kilmartin’s new book Next Year I’ll Be Perfect I LOVED IT! I could not put the book down! I was really made to feel for the characters in the story in so many whys. The story had me crying at page 149 and then off and on till the end of the book. I could relate to some aspects of the story to my own life. So when is the next book coming out I need to know? I so happy I got an extra book to give as a gift for a friend because this book is amazing! Thank you, Author Laura Kilmartin

  • This book will make you laugh . . . and see your own life in the characters!

I think the author, Ms. Kilmartin, channeled my life in this book. The main character, Sarah, is me, only funnier. She clearly has lived my life . . . the bad speed-dating episodes, crazy first dates, insane “frenemies” that stalk me and the battle with the perfect, smaller, wardrobe item that holds a coveted place in the closet to be worn when perfection is achieved. Her best girlfiend Livvie is just like my girlfriends who give me an ‘atta-girl when needed and a ckick in the pants when necessary.

I love that Sarah cuts herself slack with some of the items on her list of must-do’s and with her new flame Morgan, but I also love that that she stands her ground with her tough but sweet boss to achieve her driving passion in her career. She knows when to chase her dreams and when a reality-check is in order. Sarah is a real-life woman. I particularly love the family that Sarah has crafted around herself and her commitment to them.

The dialogue in this book, both the out-loud and that which occurs only in Sarah’s head is fantastic. It really made me bond with Sarah and understand her.

This book is a must-read for women and I can’t wait to see a follow-up book from the author.

  • Winner!!

I absolutely loved this book. Light hearted, easy to read pick me up. I couldn’t wait to curl up and start reading it every night.

  • Sassy and fun!

This was such a terrific story. It didn’t go down the usual “chick lit” path where you can predict the outcome. The story shows everyone has flaws and that’s ok; you just have to accept them and do your best. I hope the sequel is already started!

  • Women of all ages can relate to this book

As a reader that recently turned 30, I felt a special connection to Sarah’s quest to be perfect before that ominous age (which really isn’t so bad after all). Women of all ages, however, will be able to relate to this unique illustration of one women’s quest to fulfill all of society’s expectations…professionally, romantically, and physically…that seemed so important before “real life” really began. Exceptionally well written…both witty and touching. The characters practically come to life in your hands – I fully expect to run into Sarah and Livvie one night in downtown Portland. I can’t wait for another book from this author!

  • Thoroughly Enjoyable Read

This was very well written. The main character was believable, likable and inspiring. She did not always make easy or predictable choices, and I found myself holding my breath at times as to how things would turn out. I particularly liked Sarah’s underlying confidence in herself – a refreshing character trait in this genre. I was sorry when the story ended – I felt like the characters had become friends. Looking forward to the next book from this author!

  • “A fantastic read!”

Next Year I’ll Be Perfect is the most engaging book I’ve read in a long time! Full of wit and heartfelt emotion, the novel keeps the reader entertained until the last page! Kilmartin has a remarkable knack for interlacing real life struggles with endearing, lovable, well-developed characters, and ties the story together with enough clever pop culture references to have you laughing throughout. I can’t imagine a more true-to-life character than Sarah; we root for her, and want her to be as happy as she hopes to be. She’s a small town girl, with a supportive (albeit complicated!) family, and the real problems we all suffer through, including work demands, dating, and achieving all the goals we set for ourselves – whether we actually want to achieve them or not! When she wants to complete her list of goals before turning 30, the reader has her fingers crossed alongside. Thankfully, Kilmartin gives us a surprising and well-crafted conclusion. A must-read!

  • “A really fun read!!”

So enjoyable, it made me remember those days long ago when I had so many plans for the future and then have them all go slighlyt awry!

  • “I Kept Reading”

A wonderful book for a first time novelist, I hope she writes more. I’m looking forward to reading more by Laura

  • Did not want it to end

This book is a sweet, romantic story that completely drew me in. It was so much fun to read that I bet I could have read it non-stop until I was done if I didn’t have my pesky life to deal with. The characters were lovable, relationships were believable, and the story flowed along at the perfect pace. I hope Laura Kilmartin writes another book soon!

  • Highly funny and relatable

As a single woman in her 30’s I can definitely relate to the main character Sarah Bennett. Laura Kilmartin’s book was a great read, I was able to escape into the book – which is my main purpose for reading. I found the writing to be witty, smart and fast-paced. A definite winner in my books. I think any one who enjoys books by Sophie Kinsella will enjoy this book.

  • “5 stars!”

Laura Kilmartin is on tour now with CLP Blog Tours and Next Year I’ll be Perfect. This novel is a breath of fresh, realistic, and sometimes harsh air. Sarah is feeling good about her life – until her 29th birthday and the discovery of the list. The list is something Sarah wrote at 25, outlining all the goals and expectations she expected herself to achieve by thirty. Now that the deadline is 365 days away and counting, Sarah is feeling the pressure to check things off her list – including buying a home and becoming partner at a firm. But will Sarah realize that goals can shift over the years, or will trying to check off items be Sarah’s only key to happiness?

I had such a fabulous time reading Next Year I’ll be Perfect. As a list-maker myself, I understood Sarah’s drive to be able to cross those items off her list. And she really wanted to be happier, and she thought by completing the list she would be. Her journey throughout the year was at times hilarious, at times sad, but always very realistic. There are stop-and-go romances, a best friend that will always dish it to her straight, and the story flowed with ease. This was also quite the page-turner, as I was curious up until to the end to see how Sarah’s journey would come to a close. One for your to-read list!

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  1. Kilmartin creatively crafts mental images to not only understand and relate to Sarah Bennett but also completely fall in love with her. I hope we can journey with Sarah through her 40’s!! She is sure to have many interesting, relate-able experiences for the 40-something reader! Thank you Laura for bringing an amazing woman to life!!

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