Topics to Write About

One of the reasons I don’t update my blog more regularly is that most of the time I don’t have terrifically interesting things to say.  I’m always busy, but generally busy doing the same things. Yup, still trying to sell my novel.  Yup, still working on a screenplay.  Yup, ate way too much turkey and pumpkin pie this weekend. 

However, I didn’t realize until tonight that people are actually paid lots of money to tell the boring, trivial details of their lives.  For those of you who stuck around on CBS after the very, very sad Patriot’s game, 60 MInutes concluded with its usual minute with Andy Rooney.  Now, I don’t mind Andy and find he sometimes has witty (if cranky) observations.  Tonight, though, he told the world how he saves money.  In case you’re wondering, he makes his own coffee rather than spend $1.50 in the CBS cafeteria.  He takes the bus to football games and he steals dinner rolls from restaurants to eat as breakfast the next morning. 

I’m not sure about you, but I actually could have lived a full and productive life without that information.   Therefore, I will commit to updating my blog even when I have the most lame and boring things to share.  So, in honor of lame and boring, here is the list of movies I want to see that are or will be in the theaters in the next month:

·         Australia

·         Frost/Nixon

·         Milk

·         Revolutionary Road

·         Twilight

·         The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

·         Nothing Like the Holidays


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