12 Days Until Christmas – Day Four

Of all the Christmas indulgences (and I do love to indulge at Christmas), none gives me quite so much joy as my annual taste of eggnog.  Unlike other Christmas treats and sweets, eggnog doesn’t even cross my mind eleven months out of the year.  Sugar cookies, ribbon candy and even gingerbread (if actual bread and not men) can be enjoyed at any time, but try drinking eggnog in March.  Or God forbid, in July.  It’s a little icky just thinking about it, isn’t it?

Nope.  Eggnog is a seasonal treat meant only for the Christmas holiday.  Every December I purchase one carton (Hood’s Golden Eggnog is my personal favorite) and tip a glass while wrapping presents, trimming the tree or hanging out with George Bailey.  One or two servings and my thirst is quenched for another year. 

I do miss the days when I was a kid and we used to mix our own eggnog.  The introduction of the word “salmonella” into our collective vocabulary called a stop to the homemade variety, but luckily the pain of nostalgia has been dulled somewhat by growing up and discovering that store bought eggnog can be pretty darn tasty when you add a little Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum.

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