12 Days of Christmas – Day 8

Day 8?  What happened to Day 7?

I confess that I didn’t post yesterday because I had two close friends over for our 8th Annual “Chicks R Us” Christmas Party.  Therefore, in honor of my missed Day 7, I’d like to add the following items to the list of reasons I like Christmas:  Good parties, good presents, good friends, good wine, good food and good conversation.

And on to Day 8… I have to devote at least one post to the beloved Christmas episodes that most television shows haul out around the holidays.  Now, when I say “Christmas episodes”, I don’t mean “Christmas specials.”  Christmas specials are programs that exist only at Christmas such as The Grinch, A Charlie Brown  Christmas and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  (See my post on Heat Miser/Cold Miser which also  falls in this category.) 

A Christmas episode, on the other hand, is when a regular television series (Friends, Happy Days, etc…) devotes one of its episodes to a story that takes place at Christmas.   I’m sure there are great episodes I’ve missed, but the ones I can remember liking in no particular order:

1.       Friends – “The one with the Holiday Armadillo” – Ross tries to rent a Santa suit, but the costume store is out.  He then tells his son the story of Hanukkah.



2.      The Brady Bunch – “Voice of Christmas” – Florence Henderson sings “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” while everyone watching lapses into a diabetic coma from the sweetness.


3.      Ally McBeal – “Blue Christmas” – Elaine finds a deserted baby and the lawyers of the firm helps her fight to gain custody of the child.


4.      MacGyver – “The Madonna” – A statue of the Virgin Mary is stolen from a church at the same time a mysterious homeless woman helps make Christmas miracles.  When the statue is returned, the woman disappears.


5.      Happy Days – “Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas”  – The Cunninghams take in Fonzie at Christmas when they realize he has nowhere else to go.


6.      The X Files – “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas” – Mulder and Scully spend the night trapped in a house where mysterious things keep happening.  Lily Tomlin and Ed Asner play the couple in all their creepy glory.


7.      The Mary Tyler Moore Show – “Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid.” – As the station’s newest employee, Mary is forced to work on Christmas, but her co-workers show up to celebrate with her, anyway.


8.     Seinfeld – “The Strike” and The O.C.- “Chrismukkah” – Seinfeld  brought us Festivus and The O.C. created Chrismukkah.  How do you not love television shows that create holidays?



9.      A Very Supernatural Christmas –   Now, before you judge me, let me just say that this episode actually ended up on similar lists compiled by non-psychotic fans.  The main story of the episode is that Dean Winchester knows he is dying and wants to make his last Christmas special.  His brother Sam refuses to participate, and wants to ignore both the holiday and his brother’s impending death.  It is an episode of Supernatural, so there are a few grisly killings, pagan gods and a sharp evergreen stake or two, but at the end Sam puts aside his own feelings and gives his brother a traditional Christmas (at least by their standards.)    

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