Books-to-Read on Laura’s Nightstand

I’m spending the evening cleaning the clutter that masquerades as my bedroom (cue the distant strains of Fred Sanford’s theme music) and watching the first season of Mary Tyler Moore on DVD.  The show is almost forty year old (Yup – it debut in 1970!) and it is still funny.  Slightly dated, mind you, what with the polyester jumpsuits and references to womens’ lib and “career gals”, but still well worth watching.  

I haven’t gotten very far into my cleaning, unfortunately, because I’m stopped by the stack of books sitting on my nightstand and waiting to be read.  These books don’t represent those that I most love or those that I’m most clamoring to read.  Nope.  I’m an unashamed book-aholic and for a book to end up on my nightstand it simply means it won’t fit in any of my jam-packed bookcases, and the piles stacked next to the bookcases are starting to look too high and wobbly to risk one more layer.

So, what books am I planning to read when I have a little more time (or after I’ve finished cleaning…)?

  1. So Brave, Young & Handsome – Leif Enger
  2. Certain Girls – Jennifer Weiner
  3. The Worst Thing I’ve Done – Ursula Hegi
  4. Frommer’s Vancouver & Victoria 2009
  5. Gentlemen of the Road – Michael Chabon
  6. Amongst Women – John McGahern
  7. In Spite of Myself – Christopher Plummer
  8. Heart and Soul – Maeve Binchy

Time to stop blogging so that I can finish cleaning and start reading!

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