Enough, already

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me there is a lot of “news” being broadcast lately that I would like to put a stop to:.  

1.  Michael Jackson.  First, let me say I’m sorry the guy died.  No disrespect intended.  Second, as a child of the 80s, I fully understand the influence Michael Jackson had on the music industry.  I owned the Thriller album (Yes, album!) and was glued to the TV any time his videos were played.  (You know, back when MTV and VH1 actually played videos.)   With all of that as a disclaimer, let’s agree:  Enough already!!  I can’t escape  hearing  the details and speculations of his death.  And… I know the man is dead and hate to bring this up, but…. wasn’t the guy considered a freakish pariah 48 hours ago?  How quickly the tide of public opinion has turned.   

2.  Farrah Fawcett.  Again, no disrespect intended.  It looks like she managed her illness with a great deal of dignity and grace.  The thing is, I already watch people in my real life manage adversity with dignity and grace.  I don’t need or want to watch it on television.  Over and over and over again.

3.  Jon & Kate.  Let’s review what these two individuals did that made them so famous…  Um…, they had a lot of kids.  Yawn.  I’m bored now.  Let’s move on.

4.  Politicians cheating on their wives. I have very specific advice for these folks:  Stop it!  Look, even if you don’t have the morals necessary to keep you from cheating, at least pull your head out of the sand and look around.  You live in the world of Twitter, aggressive paparazzi, camera cell phones and GPS location devices.  I don’t care how smart, careful or discrete you are.  Never mind the fact that cheating on your wife is wrong… You are not going to get away with it!

And now, since I hate to end my blog on a downer, let me say that if I am forced to listen to Michael Jackson news, I will make an exception for the following video. 

Cheesy?  Sure!  Dated?  Sure!  I don’t care.  It’s like my entire 8th grade record collection gathered together in one room.

3 thoughts on “Enough, already

  1. Yes, yes, yes! Those are 7 minutes of heaven! Listening to “We are the World” made me that much happier right now. Remind me again… what was Dan Aykroyd doing there?

  2. Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen. On all counts. Especially about Michael Jackson. OK, he was a great musician 25, 30 years ago. He was also exceptionally creepy and, in all likelihood, a sexual predator. Enough already with the weeping and wailing.

    Although there’s always time for “We Are the World.” Because we are, you know.

    And can I just say that Ryan O’Neal is enjoying his role as the grieving widower just a little bit too much? He hasn’t had a television camera pointed at him other than in a courtroom in 20 years, and suddenly he’s a media darling again. Ick.

    Makes me glad that most of the television I watch these days is Sprout or Noggin. Not a lot of Michael Jackson coverage between episodes of Caillou.

  3. It was so fun to watch the “We Are The World” video! Now I have to go on iTunes to look up a bunch of singers and groups and buy songs for my iPod that I will be too embarrassed to ever admit to having!

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