Deep Thoughts

  • Day2 of NaNoWriMo (seriously… that’s the acronym for National Novel Writing Month) and I’ve written a total of 3445 words.  Of those, approximately 9 are good words.  That’s okay.  The goal of this exercise is just to get thoughts on paper without editing.  Tomorrow night I’m going to my first write-in which should be fun.  A pile of people in the same place ignoring each other as they work on their own books, but feeling social because they’re doing it at the same place.  Writing is very similar to running cross-country.  You say you’re on a team, but really you are just a group of people that happen to be participating in the same activity at the same time.


  • “This is It” is the number one movie in the nation.  I would need to be clubbed in the head and dragged unconscious to the theater before I would go see that movie.  Seriously, if I want a Michael Jackson fix (and I can’t imagine ever wanting a Michael Jackson fix…) I’ll just rent the making of Thriller or something.


  • Tomorrow is Election Day!  Thank God!  People will stop calling me and coming to my door and telling me to “Vote NO!” on this or “Vote YES!” on that.  I’m actually feeling nostalgic for Election Day last year when at least the political commercials focused on people with names.  The problem with referrendum voting is that you have to parse through the question and think, “Okay, I agree that I don’t want to not never have that happen in the affirmative.”  Does that mean I vote Yes?  No?  Who knows?


  • Why on earth are people giving Levi Johnston a forum in which to speak?  I still haven’t quite figured out why we gave Sarah Palin a forum in which to speak.

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