Finding Time

There is never enough time in the day.  I always have 101 projects on my to-do list, but can never quite complete them all.  As the New Year approaches, I’ve committed to finding more time to spread among all the activities I want to participate in. 

In order to find more time, I suppose I should try to figure out where I’m losing it.  Obviously I want to spend as much time as possible with my friends and family.  I somehow always find time for that, and that’s not an area where I’m willing to scrimp.  Work is also a very important consumer of my time because it is responsible for funding my very favorite activity of all – paying my mortgage.  

Two activities that take up far too much time in my book are sleep and exercise.  Despite my preferences, I do set aside a little time for each activity almost every day.  Well, I definitely sleep every day, but exercise is more of a 5x per week prospect. The thing is, though, I actually begrudge the time I spend sleeping and exercising. 

Unfortunately, I probably already spend as little time sleeping as is altogether healthy, so I really can’t cut any more corners there.  Exercise, though… Well, I’m not one of those people who finds great spiritual and emotional wellness through physical fitness.  The only reason I exercise is because I like to eat and fear that without my trusty treadmill I may someday reach the stage that Geraldo will have to remove a wall from my home and rescue me with a crane.  And, since that is pretty good motivation, exercise better stay on my schedule.

I suppose I could cut back on my internet-surfing time.  It is a pretty big waste, but it is also a benefit in other ways.  I’ve found so many old friends through Facebook, learned to sharpen my wit to 140 characters or less on Twitter and can now watch illegal downloads of BBC tv shows on YouTube.  These activities are all vital to my ongoing mental health.

The only activities left that consume huge chunks of my time are writing, reading and watching movies, and to be honest, those are the activities that I’d like to spend more time pursuing!  I haven’t blogged in ages, the books on my nightstand are piling up, and I currently have 84 movies in my Netflix queue.

That’s it, then.  I have no choice.  Sleeping has got to go.

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