Week in Review

  • I love Conan O’Brien.  (The person, not the comic.   Ironically, I was never a big fan of his show, but as a person I think he rocks a little bit.)  I thought his interview on 60 Minutes was insightful, intelligent and as honest as he is legally permitted to be.  He was disappointed by the actions of his former friends and colleagues, but wished them well and believed everything happens for a reason.  Now, did he sound a little bitter and angry on occasion?  Yup.  Does he have a reason to be a little bitter and angry?  In my opinion, Yup.
  • Rielle Hunter is a complete and utter fruitcake.  She and “Johnny” are in luuuv.  Aw, does anyone else think that’s just adorable?  Yeah, me either!  Does anyone else think Edwards was just interested in a quick little roll in the hay (not that I’m condoning his actions, mind you…) while crazy Rielle created an imaginary storybook relationship in her head?  Yeah, me too! 
  • Go Sandra!  Dump that loser and go live a happy life.
  • The oil spill is too devastating to write about.  Next topic.
  • Let me get this straight – a gorgeous , sexy, plus-size lingerie model is deemed offensive and inappropriate for television by Fox and ABC while women who fit into Victoria’s Secret lingerie get an annual prime time special?  That’s awesome.  Perhaps Fox and ABC would like to open their eyes to look at the average size of the women who watch their programs.  And while they’re at it, they might want to ask the men who watch their programs how they define sexy.
  • I wrote the first draft of how Margaret meets Liam (2 of the three main characters in my new novel, “Asher’s Legacy.”  Give you one guess the name of the third main character…)  Yay!  And I don’t hate it.  Double Yay!
  • Let’s all think good thoughts for Bret Michaels.  I can’t hear this song without thinking about EVERY college dance I ever attended. 

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