I haven’t blogged in a while, but couldn’t let the Emmys pass without a little commentary:

 Things I expect to see at the Emmys (both for the better and the worse):

  • George Clooney looking stunning in a tux
  • Jimmy Fallon saying something really clever and witty, then pausing as the audience has to think a moment before realizing just how clever and witty it was.
  • Reality “stars” pretending they have talent for anything other than marrying well, having litters of children or living on the Jersey Shore.
  • Betty White
  • Members of the True Blood cast skirting the edge of naughty, yet still appropriate for prime-time, banter
  • Someone who deserves Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy to get the award.  (Because everyone except Jon Cryer deserves it and lightning can’t strike twice.)
  • Some stunningly beautiful women in elegant, glamorous gowns
  • Some stunningly beautiful women in hideous, “WTF were they thinking?” disasters
  • Either Glee or Modern Family winning Best Comedy
  • An “In Memoriam” montage that makes me a little misty (Don’t judge me.  It’s been a rough year for TV celebrity deaths)

Things I want to see at the Emmys (but probably won’t):

  • Connie Britton beating Julianne Margulies as Best Actress in a drama
  • Me standing next to George while he’s looking stunning.  (okay, that’s pretty definitely not going to happen)
  • A surprise upset write-in vote for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama gives the award to John Noble (Walter Bishop, Fringe) 
  • An award presented by the reunited team of David McCallum and Robert Vaughn who announce a Man from Uncle reunion movie is in the works
  • January Jones pretending to have a personality beyond that of a wet sponge
  • Conan O’Brien winning an Emmy and getting a standing ovation
  •  An acceptance speech by anybody at all that is short, sincere, graceful and makes me think that these bozos understand they are way, way, way overpaid and exalted for nothing more than going to work at a job for 6 months a year that isn’t nearly as difficult as most of the jobs 98% of the population have to perform on a daily basis.

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