Happy New Year

Happy 2011 everyone!  Every New Year’s Day I spend reflecting on how I want to make the coming year one that is full of joy and as a result I usually have hundreds of resolutions.  I thought I’d try to pare it down to the top ten:    

1:  Read a little bit every day and 2:  Write a little bit every day.  20 hours in, and I’ve got a perfect record so far.  I’m currently reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon which I’d never heard of until last year, but now I hear the book and its sequels have kind of a cult following.  Cool.  And as for writing a little bit every day… well, here we are…

3.  Watch more Dominic Cooper movies.  I am becoming weirdly obsessed with this actor only because several movies I’ve watched in the last few weeks have had me wondering who the intriguing supporting character is played by, and each time I find it is Dominic Cooper.  (In case you’re wondering the movies were:  The Duchess; An Education; The History Boys)

4:  Learn to back into the garage without hitting the snowblower.  Relatedly, 5:  Pop the dings out of the car.  And the snowblower.  And that one tiny dent in the back wall of the garage.

6:  Stop eating frosting out of the can with a spoon.  Peanut butter straight from the jar has far more nutritional value.

7:  Accept the fact I am a lousy housekeeper.  Life’s too short to spend it dusting.   

I got a Wine Journal from a friend for Christmas, so clearly 8:  Drink lots of lovely wines and write about them

9:  Finish writing that Walking Dead episode script.  You know.  The one where Sarah Palin gets eaten by zombies.  

10:  Spend more time with friends and family.  Luckily, mine are really awesome.  They even pretend to listen when I ramble on and on about resolutions for the new year.

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