Excuses, excuses…

I have been very neglectful of my blog lately.  I’m in that difficult place where I’ve got so much going on that I don’t have time to write about it.  Then, when I do have the time to write, there are so many topics to choose from that my brain shorts out and I start surfing youtube for episodes of Homicide: Life on the Streets.








Tim Bayliss.

Sorry, got distracted there.

Anyway, the most important thing I have going on at the moment is the marketing of “Write for the Fight:  A Collection of Seasonal Essays.”  This is the book of essays that was created by Tess Hardwick and Tracey Hansen and published by Booktrope Publishing.  It is an amazing project as all author royalties are being donated to breast cancer charities.  It has been incredibly humbling to not only be published, but to participate in a project that is devoted to such a good cause.  

Even though I had the opportunity to read the entire book and all essays prior to publication, I was still one of the first to download a copy from Barnes & Noble for use with the Nook app. (Come on, people – it’s only $4.99 for charity!) and immediately started reading the words of my fellow contributors. 


I was excited to be part Write for the Fight before I really knew who any of the other contributors were.  Now that I’ve read their essays, I want to know more about each and every one of them.  I’ve followed them on Twitter, started reading their blogs and a few have friended me on Facebook.  The only problem is that there is not enough time in the day to market Write for the Fight, learn more about  these wonderful writers and still have energy remaining  to stalk Kyle Secor.

So I need your help!

First of all, if you haven’t read Write for the Fight, please do!  Again, it is only $4.99 and all author royalties go to breast cancer charities.  If you have read the book already, please comment and review on Barnes and Noble, Goodreads or your own blog, twitter, etc…  Finally, if you like to read my blog, I bet you’ll LOVE to check out my fellow Write for the Fight authors and contributors:


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