2013 Resolutions – Next Year I’ll be Perfectly Satisfactory

For those of you who know me, or who have read my book, Next Year I’ll be Perfect, you know that I like to make resolutions.  New Year’s Day, my birthday, and even Arbor Day are all opportunities to take stock of my life, see where I am and where I want to go.

In my book, the main character Sarah Bennett creates a list of goals she wants to accomplish that revolve around personal relationships and professional success.

All very serious.

Since I’m not in a terrifically serious mood today, but can’t let the day pass without a list of resolutions, I decided to go in a different direction from Sarah.

Laura Kilmartin’s Resolutions for 2013:

In 2013, I will:

  • Analyze and attempt to understand the British obsession with Rowan Atkinson.

British actor Rowan Atkinson arrives in

  • Write letters to my local radio stations asking that they take “All I Want to Do is Have Some Fun” by Sheryl Crow (aka the world’s most annoying song) off their playlists.


  • Learn to make Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon, blog about it, write a book, sell the movie rights, and… Oh, never mind.  That’s been done.  Seriously, though, that Beef Bourguignon looks amazing and I really do want to learn to make it.


  • Figure out a way to get on Barbara Walter’s “Most Fascinating People of 2013” list.   (On a related note, become fascinating.)


  •  Befriend someone in the UK who will be willing to e-mail me illegal downloads and spoilers when Sherlock airs there next year.


  • Pop the dent out of my car that I got three years ago when I tried to blow through a pile of snow at the end of my driveway that had (unbeknownst to me) solidified into a mass resembling concrete due to a combination of ice, salt and sand.  Three years of disbelieving looks when I say “I got the dent when I hit a pile of snow” is more than enough.

And, since it turns out that I truly am neurotic enough that I can’t let the day pass without memorializing my real New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve also included them below.  I think they’re pretty good and hope you’ll join me:

  • Read a little and write a little every day
  • Make healthy choices when possible
  • Treat myself at least as kindly as I treat other people
  • Celebrate small victories
  • More importantly, learn to recognize small victories

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