Lets Go on a (Virtual) Book Tour!

I’m sorry for the delay in blog updates lately!

I was going great guns there for a while and updating every few days, but then a few things got in the way that I needed to address in real life.  More importantly and more excitingly, though, I was also spending a lot of time getting ready for my CLP Blog Tour that starts tomorrow! 

What is a CLP Blog Tour you ask?  Well, first check out all the details here:

CLP Blog Tours

A Blog Tour is pretty much the same thing as a regular book tour except it is all done virtually.  Over the last few weeks I’ve been interviewed and asked to prepare guest blogs for bloggers involved in the tour so that their audiences and readers can get to know me and learn more about my book.  The hope is that the more exposure the book receives, the more people will buy it, read it, recommend it to their friends, etc…

In addition, several of the bloggers have been provided with copies of my book and will be providing reviews.  (Note:  All of the reviews are based on honest opinions, regardless of the status as being part of the blog tour, so let’s all cross our fingers that they liked the book!)

One thing I like best about this tour is that CLP stands for ChickLitPlus which is not only pretty much my key demographic, but ChickLitPlus.com is also a site I’ve looked to in the past to find a good chick lit novel or beach read.  Some of the other blogs I haven’t heard of before, but maybe as their readers find me, my friends and I will find blogs we might be interested in continuing to follow after the tour. 

So, over the next week you can expect my blog to be super-busy as I add links to my daily blog tour destination.  I’m also going to try to up the ante on updating since I hope to have a new audience stopping by my blog to check it out.  For those of you who have read my book and also read my blog, you’ve probably noticed that my writing style is pretty consistent.  Actually the only difference between my book and my blog is that my blog has more pictures.  Speaking of which, how psyched was I that Argo won at the SAG awards last week!?

4 thoughts on “Lets Go on a (Virtual) Book Tour!

  1. Having read your book and loved it, I’m looking forward to checking out the blogs that will be focusing on your book. I’m sure I’ll be finding some great new blogs to follow and hope more people find your always entertaining blog, too. Congratulations on your book!

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