Jersey Girl Book Reviews

I’m very excited about today’s stop on the Next Year I’ll be Perfect blog tour because Kathleen over at Jersey Girl Book Reviews asked me to share my dream cast for my novel. 

The opportunity to cast any actors in the world as the characters in my novel regardless of budget or availability?  How cool is that?!

Please check out my choices for Sarah, Olivia and the gang at: Jersey Girl Book Reviews

The fun doesn’t stop there, though!  Kathleen also provided an excerpt from my book which depicts the end of Sarah and Morgan’s first date.  What perfect timing for a Valentine’s Day post!  See how a great first date can go down in flames through a combination of self-doubt and a little outside interference from a “friend” who may have less than noble motives.

Finally, living up to the blog’s name, the Jersey Girl provided a Book Review for Next Year I’ll be Perfect and she really liked it! Be sure to read the full review, but here is a quick teaser: 

“With a cast of characters who are realistic and believable; engaging dialogue and quirky interactions; and a storyline that is easy to relate to, Next Year I’ll be Perfect is a wonderful portrayal of a young woman learning to find her way in life while challenging society’s ideals and expectations.”

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