Weekly Observations

I’m still working on writing up guides for the last several seasons of Supernatural, so in the meantime I thought I’d share some of my random observations and/or life lessons from the past week or so:

1.  Learn where all the water shut-off valves in your house are located.  (Trust me on this.)


2.  On a related note, if you hear a small explosion coming from the back of your toilet tank, do not remove the cover until you have located and closed said water shut-off valve.

 3.   3.  There can never be too many cooking competition shows on Television.  I have been known to inadvertently lose hours of my life watching a Chopped marathon.


4.    4.  Congress should hire a Kindergarten teacher to come in and give a lesson on playing nice, showing respect and sharing toys.

       5.  I’m sad that The Office is coming to an end.  I was never a huge fan – I think working in an office all day makes you immune – but it always makes me sad when a long-lived and well-loved show comes to an end.

6.  Attending the Kentucky Derby has been added to my Bucket List.  Big hats, mint juleps and horses – how can you go wrong?

7.  Robert Downey Jr. rocks. Yup, that’s it’s it.


7.    8.  I’m unable to name more than one or two Housewives, people who have participated in a rose ceremony or residents of the Jersey Shore.  On the other hand, I know the names of every actor who portrayed a Brady, Partridge, Bradford or von Trapp.

       9.  I know I’m late on this bandwagon, but I find the Brad Pitt perfume commercial wildly annoying.

       10. I’m creating a list of underappreciated actors and putting Aidan Quinn at the top.


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