Focus on Writing

One week out from Stonecoast.  You wouldn’t know it from the amount I (haven’t) updated my blog, but I’m actually doing pretty well on my resolutions.  I’ve almost finished rewriting the first chapter that I presented at the workshop, I’ve only got a chapter left in the book I’m reading and last night I went to a performance that was way outside the type of event I usually attend.

I even took the time to clean and rearrange the spare room upstairs to create something resembling a writing space.  (The fact I had dinner guests on Friday night who’d never been to my home and I spent several hours earlier that day shoving clutter into my eaves so I could give the grand tour had nothing to do with my ability to create a writing nook… honest…)

The only problem I have is focusing my energy on what to write.  Rewrite the book I finished?  Put that on the shelf and concentrate on the new book?  And what to do with the weird ideas that pop into my head randomly like the current article I’m kicking around, “How Emily Gilmore Ruined my Love of the Emmys.”

Well, while I figure out what to write, I can at least show off my latest success in blogland of uploading pictures:  Behold my favoritest place in the world – Nantucket, MA…


One thought on “Focus on Writing

  1. Oh, Emily Gilmore. Don’t get me started. Rupert Giles, Buffy Summers, Eric and Tammi Taylor (from Friday Night Lights). And then they go and give them to Sally Field. And Charlie Sheen. Come on.

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