Onward and Upward

Next Year I’ll Be Perfect – Booktrope Edition September 12, 2012 – May 31, 2016   What were you doing Friday night, April 29?  It’s a pretty random question, so don’t worry if you can’t remember.  I, however, remember all too clearly. I was out with some friends at a charity auction.  I was dressed… Read More Onward and Upward

Supernatural – A Beginner’s Guide (Season Two)

Let’s Review Season One Again! True Confession:  This has been the most difficult season to recap because So. Much. Happens. in Season Two! We meet important people.  (Ellen, Jo, Andy, Gordon Walker, Ava, Jake, Victor, The Trickster!)  Even more important people die.  (Some of the deaths are permanent and others not so much.) But again,… Read More Supernatural – A Beginner’s Guide (Season Two)