Top 10 Cranky List

The top ten reasons I am too cranky to update my blog:

1.       It has been raining for weeks.  The sun came out briefly this weekend, but the temperature barely got above 70.  We have approximately eight weeks of summer as it is where I live, and I would like one more beach day before I trade in my lawnmower for my snow shovel.

2.       John Edwards is a lying louse. 

3.       They faked the Olympic fireworks.  Seriously.  Who does that?  I’m beginning to wonder if those weirdos who think the moon landing was shot in a Hollywood studio may be on to something.

4.       My garbage disposal is making a very unfortunate grinding sound and I will undoubtedly need to call someone to have it repaired.  (Hey, I’m not sticking MY hand down there…)

5.        I was flipping the channels this weekend and found a Lifetime movie called “7 things to do before I’m 30.”  Hmmm…. sounds remarkably like the plot of my novel.  I caught just enough to see that beyond the concept there were very few similarities, but it was still disconcerting to see what I thought was a clever, unique concept had been sold out and turned into a schlocky Lifetime movie.   (Before I had the chance to sell out and turn MY idea into a schlocky Lifetime movie.)

6.       The only thing available on television are bad reality shows, the Olympics (which I am boycotting as I no longer trust the reported outcomes of any of the events – see #3 above) and reruns of television shows that had shortened seasons to start with.  There are 52 weeks in the year and each series made 15ish shows last season.  I’m even getting tired of watching Supernatural reruns, and THAT is saying something.

7.       I just wrote my monthly check out to my student loan company.  That’s not too bad unless you consider I still have 48 payments to go and the last time I graduated from a school of any kind was in 1997.

8.       Did anyone see the picture of Meg Ryan on the cover of Parade magazine this weekend?  Geez…I don’t know if I would feel worse knowing she’s aware she looks terrible or if she actually thinks she looks good.  Put down the Botox and step away from the scalpel.

9.       I needed to mail a letter today and found that I had ½ a book each of 37 cent stamps, 39 cent stamps and 41 cent stamps.  No 42 cent stamps or penny stamps to be found.

10.   Beach volleyball is not a sport.

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