Random Musings

I am the worst blogger in the universe.

It’s not like I don’t have things to write about… The list is pretty long, actually:

·         Despite my pledge to the contrary, I was completely hooked on the Olympics.  I was in the audience for every one of Michael Phelps’ eight winning races.  I also saw every one of Natalie Coughlin’s six winning races.  I watched the womens’ marathon.  I watched the mens’ marathon.  I saw poor Alicia fall off the balance beam and even spent one insomnia-riddled night watching the mens’ table tennis finals.  (That’s ping pong to us amateurs).  I was hooked on just about every event except beach volleyball.  I continue to argue that any sport that includes bikini-clad cheerleaders does not belong in the Olympics.  Pay-Per-View, maybe, but not the Olympics.  


·         I went to a fabulous presentation the other night by KC Johnson who co-wrote a book called “Until Proven Innocent” based on the Duke Lacrosse case.  For those who don’t remember, a woman who had been hired as a stripper at a spring break party accused three athletes at Duke University of rape.  It was later shown that not only did the boys not rape her, but that a rape never even took place.  In addition, the evidence was so poor and unreliable from the start, there was no way the case should have gotten as far as it did.  Due to the perfect storm of a dishonest witness, ambitious politician, sensationalist reporters and simmering race and class struggles, three young men were put through the wringer.  I just bought the book on Amazon and can’t wait to read it.


·         Despite being a good Democrat, I am still not 100% behind Obama.  Oh, don’t worry… I will vote for him.  My heart just won’t be in it.  Of course, the candidate I really supported and wanted standing on the convention floor this week accepting the nomination was John Edwards.  Talk about your disappointments!  I am clearly not a good judge of character.


·         Speaking of the convention though, I am not ashamed to say I got a little teary during the tribute to Teddy Kennedy.  Say what you will about Kennedy, but if you support those scary, horrible, unpatriotic liberal beliefs (like civil rights for instance, or the idea that we shouldn’t be fighting a war without a legitimate reason), then Ted Kennedy is your man.


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