Last night I went to see the movie Traitor with Don Cheadle, and planned to post a review of the movie on my blog today.  After several drafts of a review, though, I realized it couldn’t be done.  At least not by me.  Giving my opinion of the movie was easy enough – it was excellent.  Don Cheadle was amazing, as was the rest of the supporting cast, especially Said Taghmaoui and  Guy Pearce.  It was fast-paced, intelligent, interesting and kept you guessing throughout as to who were to the good guys, who were the bad guys, and just exactly what was going to happen next. 

The problem that left me unable to post a review was that the movie was too tight and too well-written.  I couldn’t explain the premise without giving away the twists and surprises that made the movie so enjoyable.  Therefore, I’ve shelved my review of Traitor and am simply going to demand that you go see it.  You won’t be sorry.

One thought on “Traitor

  1. Hi, Laura,

    I can’t remember if I actually posted a comment to you the other day or if I just meant to–at any rate, drop me an e-mail at when you get a moment. I’m trying to rope our mutual friend Jim N. into a trip to Portland, and when I told him he might get to see you, he got all excited.

    Hope you’re well!


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