Ten Reasons I’m In a Good Mood

It is snowing yet again and I’m feeling a little bit of cabin fever.  Hoping a positive attitude will put me in a better mood, I came up with the following list of reasons why I am (or should be) happy.  And it kind of worked!  I would be able to forget about the snow completely but for the constant crawl of cancellations across the tv screen.

Top Ten Reasons for Laura’s Good Mood:

1.        I wrote my favorite sentence ever yesterday.  I’ve been devoting so much time to editing and trying to sell my novel that I keep forgetting how much I just love to write.  I was sitting at Panera on Sunday morning and wrote a sentence that just cracked me up.  It put me in a good mood for the rest of the day… and that is why I write.


2.       I bought a new phone.  It’s shiny and pretty and flips open two different ways – one for the phone part and another for texting.   PLUS – it was on sale for the exact amount as the rebate which means it was FREE!  (And yes, I know the phone isn’t actually free and that I’ll be paying for it throughout the life of my two year service contract.  Shush.  I’m not listening.  It’s shiny and pretty and FREE.)


3.       At this very moment in time my roof isn’t leaking. 


4.       Two of my favorite authors – Maeve Binchy and Rob Thurman – have new books out and I just got them both.


5.       Supernatural was just renewed for its fifth season.


6.       I saw two great movies in the last week.  Defiance and Milk.  Very, very, very different movies but both great in their own right.  I’m going to see Friday the 13th on Wednesday which will hopefully make a trifecta.  (But, honestly, probably not…)


7.       I’m employed, warm, well-fed and safe.  Watch the news and you’ll find that absolutely none of those facts should go unappreciated.


8.       Facebook.  It’s amazing the number of friendships I’ve renewed in the last few months.  Ever since my high school reunion this summer when someone said, “Hey, you should check out Facebook,” I’ve been having fun catching up with tons of people I haven’t heard from in years. 


9.        My brother-in-law and nephew came over and finished the snowblowing and shoveling while I was at work.


10.   I get to go buy a fancy new dress for a weekend away at the end of March – I’m thinking sequins and sparkles.  And fancy shoes that hurt a lot but look really great.

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