Oscar Blogging

I love the Oscars!   As I spend the evening on my couch in my jammies with my Bugles and veggie dip, let me share my random thoughts on all things Oscar with you.  But first, let me say that I went to see the movie Defiance this afternoon and it was AMAZING!  Go out and see it right now… go ahead… I’ll wait.

The Red Carpet:

·          Robert Downey Jr. cleaned up nice.  Who knew?

·         Miley Cyrus needs to give her dress back to Dolly Parton.

·         Taraji P. Henson is a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress, but she needs to do something with her bangs and keep them out of her face.

·         Angelina Jolie always has a sour look on her face.  Seriously, lady, you’re sleeping with Brad Pitt.  Cheer up.

·         I keep trying to find words that describe Beyonce’s dress, but they just aren’t there.  She looks kind of like a vase my brother in law brought back from Italy.  Good look fro a vase, not for an actress.

·         The kids from Slumdog Millionaire so adorable that I can’t even be mean.  

·         Melissa Leo didn’t have to wear a dress in the exact shade of her hair color.  (PS – I used to watch the tv show Young Riders when she and Josh Brolin were both on it!)

·         Mickey Rourke… there’s eccentric and then there’s just odd.  You definitely jumped both feet into “odd.”

·         Ending on a high note… Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams and Diane Lane were stunning.

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