I Am Now Following Jensen Ackles.

Wait.  Stop. 

Before anyone calls in the authorities, please let me explain. 

I just joined Twitter, and one of the seven sites I am “following” belongs to Jensen Ackles.  (Or at least it claims to belong to him.  It could very easily belong to Ralph from Attica, but I choose to have some faith.)

Why did I join Twitter, do you ask? 

The answer is:  I don’t know.  Seemed like a good idea at the time. 

I think it comes down to the fact I don’t want to miss out on a good thing.  Everyone seems to be talking about Twitter and I hate to have no understanding of it whatsoever.  My fear of technology, the internet and sharing any personal information about myself beyond a group of approximately twelve close friends or family members caused me to board the Facebook and blogging trains late which I regret in retrospect.  Therefore, I am now a member of Twitter Nation.  

What does this mean for my life, do you ask?

Well, pretty much nothing except I now know that Jensen Ackles was doing interviews at 2:09 am on May 8th.  Which, to be honest, I feel a little bit creepy knowing.

I’m not planning to post any “tweets”  (okay, I feel stupid just writing that…) I am a lurker, not a follower.   As evidenced by the fact that I haven’t updated my blog in two months, I find it hard to believe that because I joined Twitter I’m going to magically start sending out random notes updating my friends on my life in ten minute intervals.  I update my Facebook status every four or five days, and that seems amazingly relevant for me.

Oh, just in case you’re interested – the other six sites I’m following include one famly member,  two publishers, one literary agent and two other Supernatural cast members. 

Family, book publishing and Supernatural.  Hey… I’m nothing if not consistent.

3 thoughts on “I Am Now Following Jensen Ackles.

    1. Good to know and I’m not altogether surprised. So I wasn’t far off in assuming I might be following Ralph from Attica… Okay, down to six site I’m following…

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