Top 5 Things to Blog about when You’ve got nothing to Blog About

In the interest of full disclosure, this post was originally titled, “Top 10 Things…”, but I could only think of five. 


1.  Weather – When it rains for a few days, people ignore it.  When it rains for a week or more, people grumble.  When it rains for weeks and weeks on end, people grow despondent.  When mushrooms start to grow in the basement from the rain, people put up “For Sale” signs and research moving to Tucson.  Luckily, it only takes three lovely, perfect days of sunshine to take down the “For Sale” sign, stop grumbling and start smiling again. 🙂

2.  Home Safety – I am typing on my laptop while sitting on my couch.  Not unusual.  I am also soaking my feet because I just walked the boulevard and have a nasty blister.  Again, not unusual.  However,  I just realized that if the AC adapter falls out of the laptop (which it does sometimes because it’s kind of loose), it will fall into the tub of water at my feet.  That would be a terribly embarassing way to die.  I am now typing on battery power.

3. Nutrition – I watched a show on Food Network today that said you should drink ice water if you’re trying to lose weight because your body actually burns calories trying to bring the water temperature down to body temperature.  If you drink 8 glasses @ 8oz each, you burn 70-80 calories per day.  The host then went on to solidify a tequila shot using liquid nitrogen.  I really need to find better Sunday afternoon programming.

4.  US News –  I know California is in huge financial trouble.  I think it’s dreadful that they’re giving out IOUs and small businesses are going under without a cash flow.  I am in no way making light.  However, every time I hear the words “Governor Schwarzenegger”, I chuckle.  I find that I”m having a similar reaction to “Senator Franken.”   

5.  Travel – 58 days until I leave on my trip to Seattle/Vancouver.  Hurray!  I can’t wait to see the gorgeous sights which include:


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