Dating and Literary Agents

In case I haven’t mentioned it already, I was lucky enough to be signed by a literary agent a few months ago.  He’s based in New York and I met him through the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance.  I’m wildly excited to be one step closer to getting published (realizing that the remaining steps are still really, really wide strides), but am also a little frustrated about how long it is taking to move forward.  In explaining my frustrations to a friend the other night, I realized that having a literary agent is remarkably similar to starting a new relationship.  

These are the thoughts that are running in a constant loop in my brain:

  • I’m thinking about him constantly.
  • I’m dying to hear from him.
  • I’m obsessively checking my messages and e-mails .
  • He said he’d call.  He hasn’t called.  Why hasn’t he called?  Is he going to call?
  • He called.  🙂  Happy, happy, joy, joy!
  • He said he’d call again. 
  • Did he say “I’ll call you later” or “I’ll talk to you later”?
  • Should I call him?  Does that make me look needy?
  • Is he seeing other writers?  Of course he is.  That’s his job.
  • Are the other writers funnier than I am?  Smarter than I am?
  • Has he lost interest in me already?
  • I thought we had a real connection.  Was it all in my head?  Does he not like me as much as I thought he did?
  • Should I check my messages again?
  • Oh, God.  I am needy.

It’s really no wonder I haven’t been blogging lately.  Obsessively checking my e-mail and voice mails is really rather time consuming.

3 thoughts on “Dating and Literary Agents

  1. I’ll respond the same way I would if you were really thinking about a romantic interest. He’ll call. You’re beautiful and talented. If he doesn’t, drop his a*s and find someone better.

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