Emmy Fever Part I

On the good news/bad news front:  The good news is that I am all motivated to share my Emmy thoughts tonight.  The bad news is that I’ve got a dreadful cold and very little energy.  So… I’m going to take a stab at my Emmy thoughts, but we may have to make this a two parter…

My completely random, opinionated, and mostly somewhat unkind thoughts about the Emmys:

  • Neil Patrick Harris is delightful!  He was smart, crisp, clever and kept the Emmys moving through what otherwise could have been (and in the past certainly were) clunky, overworked prepared jokes.  Besides, his opening number was worth the price of admission. 
  • Kristen Chenoweth is adorable.  Really.  Cute as a button.  The problem is, when she gave her acceptance speech, it was at a pitch that only dogs can hear.  She has a great voice for playing Glinda the Good Witch on Broadway (which, oh yeah, she did…), but her voice is really ridiculous in any other setting.


  • Ducky won an Emmy?  Seriously?  Luckily, I’ve never really cared about the supporting actor and actress categories.  The right people never get nominated (I’m talking to you, Emily and Richard Gilmore), and of the people that actually get nominated, the right people never seem to win.


  • What was the point of Sarah Silverman wearing a moustache?  If she was going for ‘Woo hoo, get me, I’m funny and irreverent!”,  she failed miserably because my dad called in the middle of the Emmys and asked, “Who is that woman with a moustache?”  I’m sorry, but she lost her appeal to me when she broke up with Jimmy Kimmel.


  • The surprise of the night for me was Toni Colette winning for best actress in a comedy.  Love the actress, but I’ve never seen the show she’s on.  (I suppose that’s not her fault…) 


  • Bummer that Jim Parson of Big Bang Theory didn’t win.  He’s hilarious.


  • The montage of reality television reminds me why I hate reality television.  (Well, not all reality shows.  I like Top Chef… and Project Runway… and What not to Wear… and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives… and any show where they decorate cakes.)  I digress… I hate reality shows where they scream and yell and curse and throw rocks at each other.  The reality show portion was just loud and aggressive and made me want to jump in my car and cut people off. 


  • Jeff Probst won the Reality Host Emmy again.  He belongs in the category of men who like themselves enough that I don’t have to.  Unfortunately, I kind of do like him for the following reasons:
  1. Survivor really did kick-start the reality genre, so in a way he’s responsible for the category’s creation in the first place;
  2. The man has very lovely dimples; and
  3. he gave props to Neil Patrick Harris for the wonderful job he was doing as host.  In doing so, Jeff dissed himself, since he was one of the five co-hosts last year.  You have to admire that.
  • Ken Howard – who I’ve adored since his White Shadow days – thanked the woman who donated a kidney to him.  Huh.  You don’t hear that in an acceptance award every day.

And with that… I think I’m going to go nurse my cold and save the rest of my Emmy musings for tomorrow night.

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