More Random Thoughts

I had to travel a lot this week which means I’ve had no time whatsoever to blog or even think of blogging.  Rather than go another week without an update, I thought I’d just unload a few random thoughts:

  •  I joined a gym about three weeks ago which I absolutely love.  Now, for those of you who know me, I hope you weren’t drinking anything while reading that last sentence, or you might have snorted it out your nose.  It’s true, though.  I love the gym because in the dozen or more times I’ve gone, I have yet to see another human being.  There’s a fully-equipped weight room and another room with about 20 treadmills, bikes and elliptical machines.   So far, I’ve been the only person making use of them.  The downside of this, of course, is that I’m not sure how my modest membership fee is keeping them in business, and expect the door to be locked and windows boarded every time I go to work out.   For the time being, though, I’m going to enjoy not having to sweat in front of others… and perhaps pay my dues on a month-to-month basis.


  • What did we do without YouTube?  I got addicted to the TV series Merlin this summer when NBC replayed the show which had previously aired on the BBC.  The second season is now playing in England, but won’t be available in the US  for at least a year or more.  HOWEVER, thanks to the magic of YouTube and some wonderful British folks with questionable morality who upload the show, I get to watch it an hour or two after it airs.  


  • I think I may have been twittered about.  (Tweeted about?)  My literary agent commented on his Twitter account about a manuscript he was editing .  It was very nice, if it was about me, but also a little weird to think of someone talking about you so publicly.  (PS – I just realized the absurdity of that statement as I share it in my BLOG on the WEB.)


  • Finally, I’m feeling hopeful for Season 5 of Supernatural.  The episodes I’ve seen so far are much better than last season.  There’s still  too much whining and too little demon hunting for my tastes, but definite improvement.   Of course, next week’s guest star is Paris Hilton (Yes, you heard me right.  Paris Hilton.) so I’m reserving judgment for a little bit.

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