National Novel Writing Month 2009

Well, my first attempt at National Novel Writing Month is over and I didn’t make the goal of 50,000 words, but I am still very proud of my accomplishment of 25,009 words.  (Hey – those nine words count.) 

30 days, 25K words and 81 pages and this is what I learned:

1.  I am physically incapable of typing first drafts on my laptop.  I can edit material on the laptop but can only get the original ideas from my head onto paper via pencil.  This was a fairly annoying fact to learn, especially when entered in a contest where time was of the essence.  Writing in longhand then transcribing to the computer takes twice as long, but when I try to type first I just end up staring at the keyboard.  When I start writing, the words flow incredibly quickly.

2.  Having a space to write makes all the difference.  I gave up one weekend when I could be writing to instead remodel the office in my house.  I painted, put down a rug and rearranged the furniture to make the space more conducive to writing.  All in all, time well spent as I was much more productive in that room than anywhere else in my house.  (And less expensive than spending every waking moment writing at Panera or Starbucks…)

3.  Even though I didn’t reach my word-count goal I met two other goals:  (1) I spent a little time every day writing and (2) I was able to get the story idea out of my head and on paper. 

4.  I’m definitely doing this again next year.

Finally, since people have asked me to do so, I will share the synopsis of the novel I wrote, but with a HUGE disclaimer:  It is utter and complete trash.  It is historical fiction/romance with absolutely no redeeming or literary value.  I’m still not very excited about the plot, but I love the characters.  

Synopsis:  Asher’s Legacy

Asher marks his life as two distinct periods – before that night and after. Before, he was a carefree child of eight with the knowledge that he was the prince of the land, but no real understanding of what that entailed. After, he was a young man forced to face the harsh realities of loyalty and brutality that only a monarch can understand. Before, Stefan was his best and devoted friend, so close the two shared each thought. After, Stefan was gone.

Twenty years have passed and Asher’s father is preparing to step down in his son’s favor. He won’t do so, however, until his son chooses a wife and the king can be assured that an heir is forthcoming. Margaret seems the perfect choice – a commoner, perhaps, but bright, lively and with a glint in her eye that makes Asher actually consider that settling down and taking the crown may not be the death sentence he’d feared. Unfortunately, Margaret is not as taken with Asher as he is with she. Her eye has been caught by the new arrival in town – Liam – a man of mystery who seems to know more about Asher’s past than even Asher, himself.

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