Writing Update

Since I originally started this blog to talk about my writing, I should probably actually do so every once in a while.  So, I’m going to put aside the random thoughts in my head about the Oscars, the Olympics, the inability of meteorologists to actually predict the weather and the fact that Supernatural was just renewed for a sixth season (about which I have very mixed feelings…) Instead, I’m going to write about writing.  Here are the novels I am either currently working on or want to be able to find time to work on:

Novel #1 “Next Year I’ll be Perfect” – This is the completed novel that I am shopping around with agents, and things are pretty much still status quo.  One agent in LA has expressed interest, so I sent out the first three chapters for them to read.  Other than that, I’ve gotten a few “ding” letters in response to my queries, but continue to plug away.  I’m trying not to focus on this project as much, because I feel like it’s not about writing anymore.  It’s about sales and marketing.

Novel #2 – “Asher’s Legacy” – This is the novel I started writing back in November for National Novel Writing Month.  I keep resisting it because it’s not at all in a genre that generally interests me, but it keeps calling me back to it.  I’ve finally decided to give in and actually finish the darn thing.  Right now I’m working on a few writing exercises before I delve back into the actual novel.  For instance, I have to write a biography several pages long for each main character.  That’s kind of fun, and since I tend to learn about my characters as I write about them, I’m discovering fascinating facts. 

Novel #3 – Untitled – This is the novel I actually want to write that I outlined three years ago, but it doesn’t speak to me.  I know the characters and I’ve mapped out several short scenes, but I just can’t manage to pull it together into anything cohesive.  I may cannibalize it as a novel and turn it into short stories instead.

3 thoughts on “Writing Update

  1. I once again enjoyed reading your blog.

    After reading over your thoughts about which book to preceed on; I would like to just give you my gut feelings on where I would continue.

    Go with “Asher’s Legacy”. It really has a great title and I want to know more! I reallly enjoy an author who gives insight to the characters they are writing about. Just my humble opinion.

    Good luck with your finished book and whatever your choice; Keep Writing.

  2. I have to agree…. the title “Asher’s Legacy” has piqued my interest, too. What type of story is it (what genre)? There must be something there if it just won’t go away. Good luck!

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