February Movies

Sorry for the radio silence lately… I’ve been trying to get ready for vacation and being crazy busy at work and at home doesn’t leave much time for blogging.  I promise to be more diligent when I return.  In the meantime, I’m leaving you with the movies I watched during the month of February.  Given the amount of time I spent watching the Olympics, I’m pretty impressed that I squeezed in enough time for 13 movies.

  • Nashville (David Carradine, Lily Tomlin) – Robert Altman is overrated.  There.  I said it.  I’ll give him Gosford Park and M*A*S*H.  This movie, though, in my opinion was a mess.
  • The Groomsmen (Edward Burns, Brittany Murphy) – If you like men – warts and all – I think you’ll like this movie.  I really did.  If men being men in all their obnoxious glory annoys you, you may want to avoid it.
  • Last Chance Harvey (Dustin Hoffman; Emma Thompson) – It was very hard to like Dustin Hoffman’s character, and even harder to believe Emma Thompson’s classy character would fall for him.
  • An American in Paris (Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron) – The movie itself was a little schmaltzy, but the dancing was amazing. 
  • Glory Road (Josh Lucas) – Eh.  All the cliché’s, none of the heart.  Go rent Remember the Titans to fill your “inspirational sports movie” needs or Hoosiers if you want to see a basketball movie. 
  •  Zombieland (Woody Harrelson)  – If you’re looking for a good, old-fashioned “Shoot all the zombies and boy gets girl” movie, by all means this fits the bill.
  • The Dark Knight (Christian Bale, Heath Ledger) – It took me a while to see this movie because there was something about Heath Ledger as the Joker that was a little too macabre for me so soon after his death.  Having seen it, my thoughts now are (1) Heath totally deserved his Oscar; (2) It’s a fun, scary action movie; and (3) Maggie Gyllenhall is way, way, way overrated.  She makes Katie Holmes look good.
  • From Paris with Love (John Travolta)  –  I loved this movie.  That said, it was not really a very good movie. 90 minutes of John Travolta shooting up the bad guys is a lot of fun, though.
  • Three Little Words (Fred Astaire, Red Skelton) This was a terrific movie – a great cast, lots of singing and dancing and an actual plot which you didn’t always find in 50s musicals.
  • 500 Days of Summer (Joseph Gordon Leavitt, Zooey Deschamel)  Adorable!  Run out and watch this movie as soon as you can.  I’m not quite sure how, but it managed to be both bitter and hopeful about romance and true love.  Also, it never went quite the way I thought it would.
  • The Hangover (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms) – Okay, I admit it.  I was a little snobby about seeing this movie.  I’m not a fan of Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler, or movies in general that get their laughs out of bodily functions so I avoided The Hangover, thinking it was one of those movies.  It’s not.  It is downright hilarious.  Dark, raunchy, and at times very stupid, but absolutely hilarious.
  • New in Town (Renee Zellweger, Harry Connick Jr.) –  I thought this movie was a very cute (if slightly predictable) romantic comedy.  Loved the quirky townsfolk and Harry Connick Jr. is always appealing, but I’m not a fan of Renee.  If it had starred Drew Barrymore or someone actually likeable, I probably would have enjoyed it more.
  • Easy Virtue (Jessica Biel, Colin Firth)  I recommended this movie to my sister who is a huge Colin Firth fan.  It was an interesting story with likeable characters.  No one was evil – they were all just varying levels of controlling or too easily controlled.

I’ll be back at the end of March with more movies, and in the meantime will be sure to update you on my travel adventures from the road!

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