Blue Screen of Death

Last night I was all settled in and ready to blog about my trip home from the Bahamas.  While going through airport security had been a bizarre experience, I was instead faced with something far more terrifying:  

The Blue Screen of Death

That’s right… while typing up my blog, my screen turned into blue lined wallpaper. All of the words disappeared along with the cursor, window and toolbars.  That happened at about 9pm.  I immediately began resuscitation efforts.  I made sure the battery was charged and rebooted (“Clear!”).  

Nothing.  Not even a blip on the monitor.

I then attempted more invasive measures.  That’s right – a full system restore.   I knew it was risky and might even lead to permanent memory damage, but I thought it was worth a try.  It was better my computer should be revived with a few gaps than never power up again at all.  Besides, the damage might be minimal…a little rehab, download some software upgrades and it would all be fine. 

At first, it looked like the system restore was going to work.  I never heard a sound as sweet as the butterfly welcome page prompting me for my password.  Then, my Supernatural screensaver began to come into view!  The healing process had begun!  And then…

You guessed it.  Blue Screen of Death.

I continued with heroic measures for several hours, but  at 12:30 am, I finally faced reality.  I called time of death and pulled the plug.

After a restless night of sleep and day spent searching for a miracle laptop healer, the most miraculous thing happened.   Tonight I listlessly flicked on the laptop power switch, and instead of the blue screen of death I was met with…  My Login Page!

She’s Alive!

I don’t know how, but my laptop returned from the dead.  I do know that I’m not taking this reprieve for granted.  We’ve already made an appointment for a full physical and will do anything and everything the nice laptop doctor orders.  Until then, I’m making sure it gets plenty of rest.  No more than an hour or so of surfing per night and I’ve backed up all of my folders to a flash drive.

And now I’m off to bed.  These near death experiences are exhausting.

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