Misc. Ramblings

1. Rue McClanahan – Funny, we were just saying the other day that there would be a third major celebrity death to follow Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper (since they always seem to happen in sets of three).  Too bad it had to be Rue.  I was kind of hoping Art Linkletter’s death would have sufficed.  Please don’t think I wished harm to Art, but he was 97 and he did already die and all.  It would have been nice if he could have filled in the gap. 

My favorite Golden Girls memory was my senior year in college when I shared an apartment with three of my best girlfriends and several nights a week we’d have dinner together and Golden Girls happened to come on at that time, so we’d sit around and watch.  Given how busy we all were with four separate majors and different activities, it was often the only time all of us were together.  Each of us even naturally gravitated towards one of the characters’ personalities.  Shockingly, I was Dorothy.  Hopefully with better fashion sense.

Gary Coleman – The tabloids are making a big deal about the fact he was divorced at the time of his death and therefore his “wife” didn’t have the right to pull life support.  I have to call bull on that one.  Apparently there was a valid medical directive that named the woman as having legal rights, and that document generally (depending on the state) remains in effect regardless of marital status.  That said, did you hear the 911 call?  The wife (or ex-wife?) was a cold, cold wench.  When directed to put pressure on a wound, she pretty much told the operator that she didn’t really much like blood, so she was just going to wait outside, but thanks so much for your help and really, you should hurry with the ambulance because boy, it isn’t looking good.

Man, there may not have been any legal wrongdoing, but I’m sure not giving her the power to pull my plug.

Dating Rules:  As a single woman I’ve decided to start a little list of rules to help navigate the dating world.  I came up with my first rule tonight:

#1 – Never date a man named van der Sloot.

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