Asher’s Legacy

It’s to back to work tomorrow morning, but I’m proud to report that I wrote a total of 11,347 words on my new novel while I was on vacation.  In celebration, I’m going to post the first few paragraphs, but please be kind.  This is a very, very rough draft (it will probably go through at least 5 more edit cycles) and it is in a completely new genre  for me.  

Chapter 1:  Margaret Lowery

For some, there was no greater pleasure than turning the earth beneath them, planting seed and knowing their families would face a winter without hunger due largely to their toil.  Others found satisfaction in closing the front door of their own home against the elements.  These people knew that the logs once provided by the land and carefully constructed by man’s hand would serve as a barrier between them their enemies.  Still more were content with the creation of order in the otherwise unruly natural world around them.  A stack of fire-dried plates, a neat row of loaves baked from milled grains or a basket of freshly-laundered cloths served as testaments to a hard day’s labor.

I was nothing like these people.

Do you like?  Want to see more?  Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Asher’s Legacy

  1. I’m intriqued! Keep on sending some more. Definitely has got my attention; and that is what makes a good book.

    Will be watching for more from you . Thanks.

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