News at Large

Interesting bits and facts from the world at large:

‘Huckleberry Finn’ edition to cut N-word:  Seriously, people?  Can you say “censorship”?  Now there’s a word I’d like to cut out of our vocabulary.  Erasing a word doesn’t remove the context or history as to why the word is so repugnant.  It merely removes an opportunity to discuss the mistakes of our past.  Also, don’t screw with great literature.  It makes me cranky.

Sandra Bullock Spending ‘Quality Time’ With Ryan Reynolds:  Awww… cute

Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp dating?:  Ick.

Boehner elected speaker of 112th Congress:  If he can stop crying long enough, that is.

Snooki Book ‘A Shore Thing’ In Stores Now, Unfortunately:  And yet I remain unpublished.   On the bright side, I have way better hair and I didn’t spend New Year’s Eve in a hamster ball.

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