The Golden Globes – Red Carpet Edition

Here are my immediate thoughts from the Golden Globes red carpet:

  • Watching Ryan Seacrest interview all of those actresses who are all a good head taller than him?  Always funny.
  • Not a Robert Pattinson fan, but wipe off the glitter, cut the guy’s hair and put him in a suit?  Not shabby.
  • Let me explain a few rules to you, Julianna Moore:  1.  Redheads should not wear pink.  2.  Redheads should not wear the butt-ugly dress you picked out.  Neither should blondes, brunettes, bald women or those blue flying Avatar people.
  • I can’t get enough of Sofia Vergara.  Lovely and funny.
  • WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING???  THROW THE FREAKING BALL BRADY!  (Whoops.  Flipped the channel there for a second.  Sorry.)
  • Ryan Gosling who I like very much as an actor is apparently a moron.  So sad.  The guy couldn’t answer Ryan Seacrest’s very difficult question of, “How did you prepare for your last role?”  The actor actually turned to his director friend and said, “Why don’t you take that?”
  • Halle… Halle… Halle… Did you slam your dress in the limo?  Is that why you lost the front of your skirt?
  • Helena Bonham-Carter wore a multi-colored dress that at first glance looked like it had the same shape as Bjork’s swan dress of years past.  She also wore two different colored shoes.  Now, I kind of like Helena in all of her quirky goodness, but different colored shoes?  Really?
  • Olivia Wilde needs to eat a sandwich, but I have to admit she looked beautiful in her glittery ball gown.  If I weighed 12 pounds, that’s exactly the type of dress I’d love to wear.
  • January Jones.  I just don’t have the words.   You are a better SNL host than you are fashionista.  And we know how well that went.
  • Melissa Leo looks like she’s had some work done, and I hate to admit that she looks fabulous.  I’m usually waving the “no plastic surgery ever” banner, but…  She looks like herself, but about ten years ago.
  • And now I’ve seen Nancy O’Dell’s face and the banner once more waves high.
  • Hey Angelina… Joan Crawford called and she wants her shoulder pads back.

I’m off to watch the show.  Good luck Colin Firth, The King’s Speech, Scott Caan & Pillars of the Earth!

3 thoughts on “The Golden Globes – Red Carpet Edition

  1. I really enjoyed your review of the Golden Globes. Good job! Right on, and a couple of times I burst out laughing. I agree with all your comments.

    What’s going on with Sandra Bullock’s hair? I didn’t even know who she was until Dad told me. Is she doing a revival of “Cleopatra”, or perhaps she is in hiding and isn’t taking her breakup as well as we all thought?

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