Catching Up

What is this? A blog entry? Shocking!

One major reason for my blog this evening is the fact I spent Saturday writing with two of my girlfriends which always puts me a writing mood. We’re working on a photo-essay book of our vacations to Nantucket that will hopefully cause others to fall as deeply in love with the island as we have.

That said, I always feel guilty when there are large gaps between my blog posts and I have nothing stunning or revelatory to share when I return from hiatus. (Revelatory… good word, huh?!) So, in order to get back in the blogging game, I’m admitting that tonight’s entry is a dull-as-dishwater roundup of some of the entertainment I’ve been shamelessly consuming lately. I hope you enjoy, anyway.

Sherlock: I am wildly addicted to the Sherlock series from the BBC. The only thing that annoys me about it is that only 6 episodes have been produced in 2 years. 3 more are in the works, but not until 2013. Apparently Watson is off gallivanting through the Shire with Gandolf or some such nonsense. If you haven’t seen the series, you should check it out. It is clever, funny and intriguing. It even prompted me to order a volume of Arthur Conan Doyle to see if I like Sherlock without the cell phones, taxicabs and modern-day references.

He’s Just Not that Into You: Love, love, love the Big Lots DVD sale bin. I’ve gone there for years in search of “Barcelona” by Whit Stillman – the white whale that is no longer available on Amazon. I haven’t found it yet, but live in hope. The score of the weekend which I am watching now is “He’s Just Not that Into You.” An excellent investment for every woman (and sentiment for many) – especially at $3.

Battleship: I saw the movie Battleship this afternoon. Take my advice… play the game instead. Before you ask why I went to a movie based on a board game, let me tell you that the movie was not my choice. My date for the afternoon is generally a very savvy movie critic (for a 9 year old), and he thought it looked good. Instead, I walked away feeling like I’d watched an episode of “Friday Night Lights” where Riggins and Landry joined the Navy, but Coach Taylor wasn’t around to help them call the right plays and learn a moral lesson at the end. PS – Rihanna as a sailor makes a very good singer.

The Queen’s Jubilee: I watched some of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations today and my thoughts were (in no particular order):

  • I love pageantry, pomp and circumstance in all its forms. Sorry. I pretend to be jaded and cynical, but I secretly love ceremony and celebration.
  • I really need to use the word “brilliant” more in my daily life.
  • I love that BBC commentators are smart, articulate and look like normal human beings. Some of them are clearly hired in spite of their looks and not because of them.
  • The London Eye is wildly out of place in London’s skyline. Someone clearly got a huge kickback or some other type of favors for agreeing to that monstrosity.
  • Prince Phillip looks amazing considering he’ll be 91 next week. They showed some flashbacks to his wedding (when he was 26), and I swear the man doesn’t look like he aged all that much. He looked 40 years old at his wedding and 60 years old today.

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