First Day of Summer and other Nonsense

I have a confession to make.  I hate the first day of summer. 

With a passion.

Don’t get me wrong:  I love summer, itself.  Sun, swimming, cookouts, baseball, watermelon, drive-ins, sundresses, hammocks.  These are all remarkably good things that make me wildly happy. 

It is just the first day of summer – the longest day of the year – that I hate, because what goes up must come down.  All we have to look forward to are shorter days. 

Man, I’m a real bummer on this lovely, warm summer night, aren’t I?

Okay, let’s look at the flip side for a moment:  I love the first day of winter.  It is the darkest, dreariest day of the year, but to me it is also the day that marks the beginning of longer days.  Things will start to brighten up a little sooner in the evenings, and we can count on Spring being just around the corner.    

I suspect this outlook says far more about my psyche than I care to examine too closely.

 Moving on to other topics:

  • I went to see Rock of Ages the other night and thought the fabulousness of it outweighed the painfulness by about 80%.
  • I really hope they find a way to XXXXX XXXX Moriarty in Season 3 of Sherlock on the BBC.  (The spoiler space was included for my sister.  Considering my blog readership consists of approximately 6 people, I do try to accommodate…)
  • Lindsay Lohan’s union reps are visiting the set of her movie due to concerns about her working conditions.  In other news, miners in West Virginia are staging the world’s tiniest violin symphony.
  • The Daytime Emmys are being held this Saturday and I have to call foul.  First, though, I am unashamed to say I was a fan of soaps growing up, so I don’t criticize as a bourgeois snob who is too good for the genre.  I criticize as someone who looks out to the landscape of FOUR programs remaining on television and wonder how in good conscience they can say someone is Best Actor or Actress?  I believe some soap stars are fine actors, but can they really find satisfaction in being called the Best when the field has become so small?

 Finally and Most Importantly: CAN NOT WAIT to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter which opens this weekend.  Who’s with me?

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