What does it mean to be perfect?

In my book,  “Next Year I’ll be Perfect”, Sarah Bennett is given a copy of a list she made on her 25th birthday outlining all of the goals she planned to accomplish by the time she turned 30.

Spoiler Alert:  She is not as close to her goals as she hoped she might be.  (Yeah, that really wasn’t much of a spoiler.  If she had been close to her goals, it would have been a much shorter book.)

Anyway, for those of you who haven’t had a chance to check out my book, I thought I’d provide a sneak peek by showing you a copy of Sarah’s list:

1.     Be happily married

2.     Fit into a size six purple suede miniskirt

3.     Be partner at a law firm

4.     See Bruce Springsteen in concert

5.     Sleep with George Clooney (preferably before #1, but if not, make it a condition of the pre-nup)

6.     Own my own home

7.     Visit Jimmy Stewart’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

8.     Climb Mt. Katahdin

For those of you who may confuse me with the completely fictional Sarah, let me draw some clear distinctions:

  • I have never, ever had any desire to climb Mt. Katahdin.  Seriously, if you know me, then you know this to be true.
  • My list would have merged #1 and #5 to read, “Be happily married TO George Clooney.”
  • Finally, I could live a full life without seeing Jimmy Stewart’s star on the Walk of Fame.  Visiting his footprints in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater, though, was very cool.

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