Excuses 101

Here are the Top Ten reasons I haven’t updated my blog recently:

1.   I’ve taken up cooking.

2. I’m working on a really good blog post about my first book signing that took place a few weeks ago and want to finish that one up first.

3. I keep going over to Amazon where there are Thirteen Separate 5-Star Reviews for “Next Year I’ll be Perfect.”  I find myself reading the comments, stroking them and calling them “my precious…”

4.  I’m glued to E!News waiting for an update on Justin and Selena.

5.  I can’t get past my horror over the Weekend Update skit on the gay couple from Maine.  I’m okay with all the stereotypes (Hello, it’s SNL!), but Fred Armsen’s accent is atrocious!

Saturday Night Live clip

6.  I keep checking my Twitter followers.  I get excited when I get a new one.  And sad when I lose one.  And excited when I get one.  And sad when I lose one.  These people need to stop toying with my affections.

7.  I find myself staring at the calendar saying, “No WAY is Thanksgiving next week!”

8.  I went shopping this weekend and picked up a little frock for skipping around the neighborhood with a few pals.

9.  I’m busy trying to figure out how to send Christmas cards to my Facebook friends.

10.  I’m scouring the internet for bootleg downloads of Season 5 of Merlin which is currently playing in the UK but doesn’t start here until 2013.

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