Girls Night Out Book Club

This is one of the fastest posts I’ve put together, but I just had to share the amazing time I had this weekend at a bookclub that also helped support the E.E. Little School in North Reading, MA.

You may be asking how I got involved with this school (what with my having no kids and living in Maine and all…), so let me back up a step.  For those of you who have read the acknowledgements in my book, you’ve may have noticed that I thanked “The Nantucket Girls” for all of their support.  Here’s a picture of them below:  That’s my friend Doreen on the left and Sue on the right.


One of the great benefits of being friends is that we also share our families with each other, which includes Sue’s son and daughter-in-law who live just outside of Boston.  So, when Kate Schulz was running the “Step Up to the Plate” auction for her kids’ school, she thought it might be fun to offer a “Girls’ Night Out” bookclub.  I was honored to be the author they invited to share the evening with.


On Friday night, Kate and Brian opened their home to thirty women who had donated money for the stated purpose of attending a bookclub, discussing Next Year I’ll be Perfect and meeting the author.  While all of that did happen, it was also an amazing evening full of laughter, conversation, friendship, food and perhaps a glass or two of wine.

I spoke for a few minutes about my book, the process of getting published and plans for my second novel.  We then gave away a few other books published by Booktrope Publishing including Sex and Death in the American Novel which had been signed by the author, Sarah Martinez specifically for the event.


The best part of the evening for me, though, was spent mingling through the crowd.  I met some terrific women – moms, teachers, lawyers – all of whom were there to support their school and community.  Many of the women I talked with said that they related to my main character, Sarah Bennett, and her quest for perfection.  Luckily, though, most women have great girlfriends in their lives – as Sarah had Livvie – to pour them a glass of wine and remind them that being happy and healthy and surrounded by friends is pretty darn close to perfection.



If the experience wasn’t wonderful enough, before the end of the evening I was presented with a lovely gift:  this Blessing for Boston bracelet which I am proud and excited to wear:

photo (1)

Thank you Kate for a terrific evening and for sharing your home and your friends with me.  It was a wonderful time and I’m proud to have been a small part in helping to support a great school!


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