This and That

Book Birthday Contest

So… You may be waiting for me to announce the winners of my “Next Year Twitter Contest”.

Unfortunately, we hit a bit of a glitch.

The contest, itself, went well. I selected three winners who used the #NextYear. One tweeted about a vacation, one about sports, and the last one wanted to be a contestant on the next season of Big Brother.

Those were some plans for next year that I could get behind.

Then I contacted the tweeters, told them who I was, and that I’d like to send them a copy of my book if they DM’d me their addresses. I guess it’s perceived as creepy to ask for people’s physical addresses via social media, because I never heard back from any of them.

I’m currently developing Plan B, so stay posted.

Movie Stuff

If you haven’t seen the movie The Drop yet, rush right out! James Gandolfini and Tom Hardy were both terrific – very quiet and understated which was just what the characters called for.

I love horror movies, but even the commercials for Annabelle are freaking me out. It probably doesn’t help that I keep my childhood stuffed animals in my guest room closet. Never going to see that movie!

Speaking of commercials, the preview of The Best of Me bugs me. And not just because it is a Nicholas Sparks movie. I guess the story is about a couple who meet as teenagers, then come back into one another’s lives 20 years later. The only problem is that the guy playing the younger version of James Marsden looks nothing like him and he looks like he’s at least 35.

Love/Not Love

Crowley is now a regular cast member on Supernatural. Love.
Bobby is still dead. Not Love.
I can now cross-post my Amazon books onto Goodreads. Love.
There aren’t enough hours in a day to read all the books I want. Not Love.
Jennifer Lawrence. Love.
Jennifer Lawrence Shamers. Not Love.
Cary Elwes’ new book about the making of The Princess Bride. Love

All things Princess Bride. As You Wish.

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