Updates and Promises

I know I haven’t been blogging very much lately, but since I decided to recommit to updating my blog on a regular basis, I might as well go all out and update the look of my website.

Welcome to the new digs! Take a moment and look around.

Across the top you’ll find different pages to visit on the site. Most of them relate to my novel or writing in general. If you scroll down the right side of the page, you will find different ways to follow, friend, or otherwise keep up with me via social media. I haven’t figured out how to add a link for Pinterest, so if that is something that appeals to you, you can find me here:

Laura Kilmartin on Pinterest

You’ll find a lot of pictures of old movie stars, dream bookcases and things that make me laugh.

Here are some other things that are going on in my world:


As a former Political Science major, I get energized by the political process.  I like to debate the issues going on in our community, state and country.  I am also very proud of and protective of the rights and freedoms we have as American citizens.

That all ends right about the last week of October.

(Warning:  Bipartisan rant ahead)

By this time of year, people have lost all pretense of civil debate.  Politicians act as if the number of political ads they release has a direct relationship to the number of votes they are going to receive.  Honestly, tuesday, November 4th can’t come soon enough.

That said, of course, do not forget to VOTE!


So, this has been me over the last several months.

(Except for the green flower.  I rarely wear green flowers in my hair.)

Also, I have fingers.

But anyway, you get the drift…

I’ve been writing like a crazy person trying to finish my second novel, and I’m happy to report that I have made a lot of progress.  The best news is that I love my characters!  Maggie – my main character – tries very hard to keep her world pulled together, but doesn’t handle it very well when things start to unravel despite her best efforts.

Her friend and client Roger Ellison is my favorite character so far – and a favorite among my writing group, as well.  Roger is an old-Hollywood actor having a difficult time adjusting his style to modern sensibilities. He’s an ascot-wearing, martini-drinking ladies man trying to survive in a jeggings and juice cleansing world.

More to come one the new novel soon!


I am obsessed with home renovation shows.

I am further obsessed with knocking down walls in my own home.

I don’t need to knock down any walls, mind you, but I’m still obsessed with the thought of doing it.

Seriously, if you know a guy, call me.


So, now that I’ve told you what I’ve been up to (minus a discussion of TV, movies and books which we’ll cover next time), I’m going to make a commitment.

I will be updating my blog at least once a week between now and the end of the year.  So, please check back here (or click the nifty, fancy button I added to the top right of the website to get an email every time I update), for news from the world of a first-time novelist.

And finally, let’s hope that by this time Next Year (…see what I did there…?), I will be able to remove the “first-time” qualifier.

See you next week!

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