Paul Newman – Top Ten Movies

Laura’s Unscientific and Completely Subjective Top Ten List of Paul Newman’s Best Movies:
Paul Newman
Paul Newman
1.  Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid (like there was another choice?)
2.  The Long Hot Summer
3.  Absence of Malice
4.  Cool Hand Luke
5.  The Hustler
6.  Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
7.  The Sting
8.  Nobody’s Fool
9.  Hud
10.  The Road to Perdition
In anticipation of all of the critics that will not agree with this list, let me pre-emptively answer your questions:
What about The Color of Money?  I realize Paul Newman won his only acting Oscar for this movie.  Tough.  The Hustler was better.
Hud was only number nine?  I know.  Hud was amazing and I struggled with this one, but just couldn’t unseat any of the other movies on the list that I liked more.
The Long Hot Summer was number two?  Yeah, well, at the end of the day I guess I’m kind of shallow.  Paul made it a very hot summer, indeed.  
You included Nobody’s Fool?  Who even saw Nobody’s Fool?  I did.  It was a movie based on a book by Richard Russo which I loved and I enjoyed the movie tremendously.  Newman played the part of Sully Sullivan – how do you not love it already?  Besides, what part of unscientific and subjective do you not understand? 
What didn’t make the list?  The also-nominateds that were very, very close included Slap Shot and The Verdict. 

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