Post-Vacation Part I

The worst day of a vacation is the day after the day you come home.

The actual day you come home from vacation, you’re still enjoying the cheap thrills of sleeping in your own bed and unfolding your spine from the unnatural shape it adhered to after five hours in a car.   The day after vacation, though, is filled with checking e-mails, mowing through mountains of laundry and tracking down the funky smell that turns out to be leftover chinese food you forgot to clean out from the refrigerator before you left.

Last night I got home from the annual vacation to Nantucket, where we had a blast!  The weather was gorgeous and we spent four days biking, sitting on the beach, reading, writing, eating, drinking and shopping.  Not exactly a hardship.  If you haven’t been to Nantucket, I’ve outlined what you must understand about the island to vacation there:

  • Cars are frowned upon…everyone rides bikes
  • The wealthier you are, the shabbier you dress…wearing anything more pretentious than a sweatshirt and khakis will earn you looks of scorn and suspicion
  • Every citizen of Nantucket must own a dog.  If you don’t have a dog, one will be provided to you at the ferry landing
  • The island rests 25 miles off the coast of Massachusetts…Therefore, all of the worries, stress and tension of life remains a two-plus hour ferry ride at your back.
  • The island is 14 miles long by 4 miles wide and the main part of town lies in the middle of the island.  This means you are never more than seven miles from where you want to be.  If you’re walking, that might be a problem, but review bullet #1… everyone on Nantucket rides a bike.

I hope to post some pictures tomorrow night and provide some of our specific adventures, but can’t make any promises because I’ll be watching the Project Runway finale.  Of course, since they “auf-ed” Jerrell in the last episode, my heart won’t really be in it.

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