Post Vacation – Part II

Sorry I didn’t get the pictures up sooner, but I had to recover from my boredom-induced coma from the Project Runway season finale.  I agree that Leanne should have won, but only by a hair.  In my opinion, none of the three finalists presented lines that were especially fabulous.  Of course, I have been known to fix a hem with a stapler and used to make Barbie clothes with handi-wipes and scotch tape, so I really am not in a position to judge.


It’s hard to believe that we were still on vacation just a week ago.  We arrived on the fast ferry late Friday afternoon and spent the day settling in and wandering the streets of the cozy village.  We rented the same place this year – a two bedroom cottage with a small kitchen, living room and bath.  It is remote and rustic, but with cable tv… making it the perfect home away from home in my opinion.

Saturday morning we rose bright and early, rented our bikes and started out the 6.5 miles to Madaket beach.  Last year we spent most of the day sitting on the same beach reading, eating our lunch and watching surfers brave the freezing waves.  This year, however, when we reached our destination we were met with the following:

We assumed that the sign referred to swimmers only since it was post-season and there were no lifeguards on duty.  Unfortunately, though, we found that the beach was closed because it was MISSING.  The beautiful sands that we’d enjoyed last year had eroded and there was only a 20 foot drop to the ocean waters below remaining.  We mourned for our beach for a few moments, then decided to pull a Scarlett O’Hara and fiddle-dee-dee, we’d worry about it another day.  Instead, we took advantage of the fact that we were staying on an island, and surely another beach would be right around the corner (so to speak…).  Which it was.

One thought on “Post Vacation – Part II

  1. I am very jealous of a) your trip, as the pictures are beautiful and I’ve never been to Nantucket (and I love islands!), and b) I missed this whole season of Project Runway because I no longer have cable! I miss “make it work!” so much. 😦

    Fixing hems with staplers is a-ok, as long as you don’t cut yourself on the staples. Me, I just wear clothes with holes.

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